A.T.O.M. – Alpha Teens on Machines

A.T.O.M. – Alpha Teens on Machines

A.T.O.M. is a French animated television series, which chronicles the adventures of five teenagers, set in the fictional Landmark City. The Alpha Teens, which consist of Axel Manning, Catalina Leone, Crey Kingston, Zack Hawkes, and Ollie Sharker, test prototype vehicles and weapons for Lee Industries, and use these prototypes to combat criminals, particularly the sadistic Alexander Paine. In the United Kingdom, Australia and Latin America, the series is called Action Man A.T.O.M. and has its own comic book from Panini Comics.
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First Air Date:
August 27, 2005
Last Air Date:
March 15, 2007
2 Seasons
52 Episodes
Series Ended


Season 1
Season 1
Season 1
Season 2
Season 2
Season 2


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