Season 11

Season 11

Air Date: September 3, 2007
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Season 11
Thomas & Friends
Thomas & Friends is a British children's television series, which had its first broadcast on the ITV network on 4 September 1984. It is based on The Railway Series of books by the Revere...


Episode 1
Thomas and the Storyteller
Thomas is chosen to show a storyteller around Sodor so she can write a story in time for the new library opening. However, a series of bad incidents for his friends could ruin the story!
Episode 2
Emily's Rubbish
Emily has a friend named Whiff, and he likes collecting garbage. But all the engines tease her and she decides to take care of the garbage on her own. But they are too heavy and she asks the other eng...
Episode 3
Dream On
Spencer returns to Sodor and Thomas had to help him out. But the speedy engine gets on his nerves and Thomas tries to prove he is faster, stronger and shinier than him.
Episode 4
Dirty Work
When James is chosen to take the Mayor of Sodor to the Festival of Lights at the Scottish Castle, he ignores his friends to get ready. However, will he go on if no one is there to watch him?
Episode 5
Hector the Horrid!
Thomas is shocked when a large hopper named Hector arrives at the coaling plant and he is too afraid to fill him up. But when he resorts to violence, will he discover Hector's true colours?
Episode 6
Gordon and the Engineer
Speedy yet impatient, Gordon is sent to collect an engineer to repair a damaged set of points. But his race to get the job done only causes more drama for him and the other engines!
Episode 7
Thomas and the Spaceship
Percy sees some flashing lights in the sky and is convinced they are a spaceship. Thomas decides to find them for himself and forgets to deliver the mail.
Episode 8
Henry's Lucky Day
After a great day with certain trucks, Henry believes that they are lucky. However, when Edward accidentally takes them, the green engine chases after him, determined to get his luck back.
Episode 9
Thomas and the Lighthouse
A fireworks display is to be held but Thomas has to take a new light bulb to the lighthouse. But his hurry to see the fireworks causes trouble when he approaches a damaged line!
Episode 10
Thomas and the Big Bang
Thomas is given a new whistle and he decides to play jokes on the Narrow Gauge engines with it. Soon, all of the little engines start joining in and playing jokes on each other while not doing their w...
Episode 11
Smoke and Mirrors
Thomas is asked to find items for a magic show, but he daydreams about it and he accidentally collects the wrong ones. Will he be a part of the show now?
Episode 12
Thomas Sets Sail
Thomas is asked to collect the Mayor's new sailboat and bring it to the Harbor. But Thomas doubts the strong winds which give him a wild and disastorous ride around the island!
Episode 13
Don't Be Silly, Billy
A new engine known as Silly Billy arrives and Thomas has to show him around. But Billy finds him to be bossy and decides to find his own way around, with disastorous consequences.
Episode 14
Edward and the Mail
Edward is asked to step in and take the mail while Percy was away. However, he has no idea what to do and decides not to ask for help, resulting in disaster.
Episode 15
Hide and Peep
While waiting for a delivery, Thomas and Percy play Hide and Peep. But when Thomas cheats in the first game, Percy ignores Thomas, even when their delivery arrives!
Episode 16
Toby's Triumph
Toby's wise nature is dropped when he is chosen to take Alicia Botti and worries about causing trouble. How right he is!
Episode 17
Thomas and the Runaway Car
Thomas feels proud to take The Fat Controller's new car to a Car Show. However, Gordon challenges Thomas to a race and a loose coupling gives them a whole chase!
Episode 18
Thomas In Trouble
James teases Thomas that he'll miss taking the choir as he is having a fitter's check. Indignant, Thomas decides to leave a bit too early...
Episode 19
Thomas and the Stinky Cheese
Thomas is indignant when the diesels call him a "stinky steamie," but his determination to prove them wrong gets him into trouble when he is asked to make a delivery of cheese to the docks.
Episode 20
Percy and the Left Luggage
Percy has three important jobs to do, but decides to leave delivering Dowager Hatt's luggage for last. However, he runs late and must hurry to save his own bunker!
Episode 21
Skarloey Storms Through
The winter weather causes a huge storm and Skarloey is asked by a farmer to help rescue the sheep. But the lightning frightens Skarloey and he lets his friends do the work, which only leads to disaste...
Episode 22
Cool Truckings
Madge learns that slow and careful is the best way to be, when having fun in the snow turns into a hazardous activity.
Episode 23
Wash Behind Your Buffers
When the Engine and Car Rally comes around, Madge cares more about making sure the engines are clean than taking the Brass Band. But her mothering causes a lot of trouble!
Episode 24
Duncan Does It All
Duncan becomes fed up with his straw deliveries so he decides to find a more important job. When he does neither of his new jobs properly, Rusty and Skarloey get the blame.
Episode 25
Sir Handel In Charge
Mr. Percival asks Sir Handel to ensure that a train full of logs is ready for Thomas to collect by getting the very first engines he sees to help him but will Sir Handel listen?
Episode 26
Mr. Percival, the Narrow Gauge Controller, has a new bicycle - but it's missing a bell. Freddie becomes determined to find one, trying out a cow bell and some clowns bells until he eventually finds th...

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