Season 6

Season 6

Air Date: October 23, 2009
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Season 6
Jo Frost, a modern day, tough-love "Mary Poppins" is placed with families in need of guidance or care. She spends an extended period of time with a family, observing their issues and then, u...


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Episode 1
Colier Family
The Coliers of Cleveland, Georgia, are a blended family on the brink. Dad Jason coddles his three young sons under the age of 5, but is hostile to his 13-year-old stepdaughter, Madison, whom he adopte...
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Episode 2
Simmons Family
Debra and Tracy are pushover parents with two sets of twins, ages four and seven, who call all the shots and eat a diet packed with sugar and unhealthy food choices. Four-year-old Parker calls Mom a "...
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Episode 3
Phelps Family
Jo Frost travels to the deep South -- Hayden, Alabama -- and faces off with Amy Phelps, who defends her right to spank her three boisterous boys. Dad Jimmy is open to change, but Amy won't budge, and ...
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Episode 4
Naskiewicz Family
A Florida family with four children ranging in age from two to twelve is ruled by the crown prince -- Zachary, an impulsive, tantrum-prone four-year-old. Jen, a beleaguered stay-at-home Mom, cowers to...
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Episode 5
McGrath Family
Bill and Tammy McGrath of Hamlin, New York, have three beautiful young children, and their middle son, Aiden, 5, was recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Managing his illness is very anxiety-provo...
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Episode 6
Beck Family
Nicole and Nate Beck are classic tag-team parents. Nate works full-time and Nicole stays at home, works part-time AND is a full-time student. Add to the mix three boys -- Hunter, 9; Pierson, 5; and Br...
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Episode 7
Heredia Family
Christina and Joe Heredia both work full-time and have four children under five years of age: triplets who have just turned two -- Samantha, Taylor and Ryan -- and older brother Brandon who is four. C...
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Episode 8
Benton Family
Christina and Joe have four children, Brandon (4) and triplets Samantha, Taylor and Ryan (2). The triplets were premature births, and need to eat properly for growth, yet barely touch the food on thei...
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Episode 9
Hallenbeck Family
Patricia and Greg are grandparents who should be enjoying their golden years. Instead, 25-year-old daughter Kristin Hallenbeck still lives at home, and has two terrors -- Jordon (6) and Jaydon (4), wh...
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Episode 10
Mann Family
Mark and Melissa Mann have four young children -- Naomi (5), whom they call the "mistress of mayhem," and triplets Norah, Nathanial and Madeleine (3). Since the triplets' birth, Naomi has come to rule...
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Episode 12
Johnson Family
Kate and Roy Johnson thought it would be great to create a family business that all of them could enjoy. They spent much of their life savings creating The Coffee Park, a unique coffee shop and play-p...
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Episode 13
McKinney Family
Ashley McKinney can't balance being a single mother of two, a student, and a full time employee at a local bank. Her biggest wish is to have quiet time in order to get her school work done and become ...
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Episode 14
100th Episode Special
She's crisscrossed America, including Alaska and Hawaii, in her six seasons as the voice of reason for parents worldwide. Now Supernanny Jo Frost revisits some of her most memorable families in celebr...

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