Season 5

Season 5

Air Date: October 3, 2008
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Season 5
Jo Frost, a modern day, tough-love "Mary Poppins" is placed with families in need of guidance or care. She spends an extended period of time with a family, observing their issues and then, u...


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Episode 1
Quinn Family
“We’re at a total loss,’ says mom Gina Quinn, who’s having to control four out-of-control tweens and teens who swear like sailors, refuse to do their chores and are verbally aggressive with mom and wi...
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Episode 2
Baulisch Family
Dorothy and Kip Baulisch of Papillion, Nebraska, are deaf parents raising four hearing children. They rely too heavily on their eldest daughter, Melissa (18), who understands sign language, as a surro...
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Episode 3
Park Family
The oldest Park child, Kyle, 6, has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but his parents took him off medication when they didn't feel it was working. So he terrorizes his nanny, Alejandra...
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Episode 4
Winter Family
Chiropractor David often acts like a big kid, laughing at the kids' antics even when they cross the line, and leaving Gina, a personal trainer, to referee on her own. She admits, "We are at a total lo...
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Episode 5
Newsome Family
In today's economy, you can have it all one minute and lose everything the next. This is what has happened to single mom Blythe Newsome. For 12 years she was married and lived with her six children in...
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Episode 6
Manley Family
John and Sarah Manley have been separated for over six months. John has his own apartment but has tried not to disrupt his children's lives, so he has daily meals and spends every weekend in the famil...
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Episode 7
Howat Family (U.K. Family)
Jo travels all the way to the UK on a rescue mission to help a single mom who has lost control of her children... and her own temper. Tara Howat is at her wits' end, overwhelmed by the daunting task o...
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Episode 8
Lewis Family
Before he died, dad Dwight Lewis called on Supernanny to ask if she could help his wife Antoinette cope with parenting alone while she grieved his loss. Can Jo help widowed Antoinette Lewis find a rou...
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Episode 9
James Family
NBA guard Mike James faces off against a foe more formidable than his opponents on the court � Supernanny has a bone to pick with him. Mike plays for the New Orleans Hornets, but his family lives in H...
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Episode 10
Kerns Family
Wisconsin parents Shawn and Shannon thought it would be fun to have a baby. They were only 18 at the time, and were stunned to discover that Shannon was pregnant with twin boys. The early years with B...
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Episode 11
Gormley-Brickley Family (U.K. Family)
Jo handles two sets of twins at once for the first time when she returns to the UK on a mission to save a family on the brink. The Gormley-Brickley household is in desperate need of help. Usually one ...
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Episode 12
Costello Family
Amy always dreamed of having 12 kids, but she had no idea how hectic it would be. With husband Dale on the road most of the week as a truck driver, and 10 kids ranging in age from 6 months to 15 years...
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Episode 13
Davis Family
Phil Davis smacks his children and curses at them. He expects Debbra, a working mom, to handle all childcare responsibilities for their family, as well as cleaning the house, but she can never meet hi...
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Episode 14
Sachs Family
Greg and Fanci Sachs work long hours to provide Ryan, 5, and Jonathon, 3, an Upper West side childhood, but their guilt over time away from the boys weakens their resolve in the face of Ryan's tantrum...
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Episode 15
Williams Family (U.K. Family)
Jo returns to the UK on a mission to save the Williams family from absolute mayhem. With four children under 10, life is hectic and stressful for mom Natalie and dad Martin. Natalie does the majority ...
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Episode 16
Del Re Family
Adele Del Re of Staten Island, New York, grew up fantasizing about motherhood. She had visions of herself as a serene caretaker and contented, quiet children, but the reality couldn't be more differen...
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Episode 17
Goldberg Family
It may be sunny in Tucson, Arizona, but there's stormy weather at the Goldberg house. Parents Adam and Shelby have their hands full with their three young children. Although the kids act tough, in oth...
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Episode 18
Sacco Family
Elyse is a stay-at-home mom and Big Eric is a double shift-working dad who says his third job starts when he gets home. Little Eric, Ashley, Luke and Lily rule in a home with no rules. Add them all to...
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Episode 19
Porter Family (U.K. Family)
Jo returns to the UK to rescue the Porter family, who are being held ransom by their nine-year-old daughter. Princess Maddison is a terror, ruling with a heavy hand and throwing tantrums like a toddle...
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Episode 20
DeMello Family
It's been called hell on earth, and parents Don and Diane admit they are living with "little devils." With kids who delight in demolishing the house and are prone to fierce rages, Don and Diane don't ...
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Episode 21
Krolikowski Family
Shannon and John both have high profile jobs at a large church, but their home is a far cry from a peaceful sanctuary. All four of their children fight with each other so viciously and so frequently t...

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