Season 4

Season 4

Air Date: January 2, 2008
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Season 4
Jo Frost, a modern day, tough-love "Mary Poppins" is placed with families in need of guidance or care. She spends an extended period of time with a family, observing their issues and then, u...


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Episode 1
Drake Family
Donna and Billy Jo Drake have three adorable but extremely lively kids (Josie, four, and three-year-old twins Jared and Justin), and they often lean on Donna's mom, Mimi, who lives next door, for chil...
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Episode 2
Chapman Family
Supernanny has gotten the call from the Chapman Family -- but not from Mom and Dad. Teenagers Brittany (16) and Moriah (14) reached out for help parenting their three little brothers, twins Ethan and ...
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Episode 3
Schumacher Family
Meet the Schumachers, the ultimate 21st century American family -- hard-working parents who strive to give their beautiful children everything--everything, that is, except boundaries, responsibilities...
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Episode 4
Du'an Family
Angela and Forrest An-Duan have their kids completely overscheduled with over 40 activities a week for the five young children: Christopher, 9; Isabella, 7; twins Lawrence and Benjamin, 6; and Charlot...
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Episode 5
Terrill Family
This single dad needs a clue about parenting. Before he got custody of his two boys, Lane (11) and James (5), Scott Terrill had never even given them a bath. Now he's got to step up. But in an effort ...
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Episode 6
Dostal Family
Brenda and Bill Dostal think that the problem is with their misbehaving son, but Jo quickly realizes he's just acting out due to Mom and Dad's problems. Five-year-old Zachary literally chases Mom arou...
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Episode 7
Daniels Family
Jo has her most fiery face-off ever with a checked-out mom who has let things go for too long at home. Lisa and Steve Daniels have six beautiful children ranging in age from 2 to 13, but the pretty pi...
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Episode 8
Wilson-Knutson Family
Pop star Wendy Wilson and her husband, Dan Knutson, make history as the first celebrity parents to enlist Supernanny's help. Wendy, who rose to fame as part of the multi-platinum trio Wilson Phillips,...
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Episode 9
Tafoya Family
Holly and Jimmy Tafoya can’t quite figure out why cursing, spanking and washing their kids’ mouths out with soap aren’t working as discipline tactics. And when Supernanny steps in, Holly shows her the...
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Episode 10
Prescott Family
Kadi and Daniel Prescott have seven children, ranging in age from one year to eight. Kadi's own father left her family when she was just 13, after coming out of the closet. Kadi is still hurting from ...
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Episode 11
Banjany Family
Lisa and Rich Banjany of Staten Island, New York have a home business, Confuzzled Cookies, which has taken off like a rocket. But they have no control over their three kids -- twin five-year-olds Came...
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Episode 12
McKeever Family
Jo faces the most aggressive and foul-mouthed duo ever in the McKeever boys, Hunter, 7, and River, 6. They greet her by hitting her and calling her names, shocking, but sadly typical, because they are...
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Episode 13
Addis Family
Still reeling from the sudden loss of their live-in grandfather, the entire Addis family is in turmoil. Granddad was actually the man of this family. Dad is now struggling to fill his father-in-law's ...
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Episode 14
Citarella Family
The four Citarella kids, ages seven, six, three and one, run "a three-ring circus around me," according to Mom Debbie. In spite of the chaos, she laughs all the time, even as her children flout her ru...
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Episode 15
Schrage Family
"It's musical beds," the sheepish dad, Kyle, admits about his family of five, and the parents haven't slept in the same bed in eight years! Jo actually tucks mom into bed with two of the kids during o...
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Episode 16
Clause Family
The Clause kids -- Brandon, 10 and Caila, 8 -- are "tweenage terrors," disrespectful, manipulative and resentful, but the key to change rests with their parents. Mom is a pushover, and Dad is too laid...
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Episode 17
Martinez Family
Dad, Sindo, is a civilian contractor in Iraq, leaving his wife, Michelle, home alone for five months at a time with three rambunctious children -- Sindo, 9, Ashley, 7, and Mikey, 6. Mom is easily over...
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Episode 18
Browning Family
It's a full house for Reverend Browning and his industrious wife, Bernadette, as they try to maintain peace in their well-appointed suburban home where the six children range in age from toddler all t...
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Episode 19
Doyle Family
The Doyle children all attend a daycare where Lizzie (three) has a record of complaints from other kids and parents that's got her on the brink of being kicked out of the pre-school. Five-year-old Sar...
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Episode 20
Moy Family
Since Dad, Harding, has taken a job that requires him to travel away from home Monday through Thursday every week, his oldest daughter, Hailey, 11, acts out, setting the tone for behavior for her sibl...
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Episode 21
Krolikowski Family
Shannon and John both have high profile jobs at a large church, but their home is a far cry from a peaceful sanctuary. All four of their children fight with each other so viciously and so frequently t...

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