Season 2

Season 2

Air Date: September 23, 2005
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Season 2
Jo Frost, a modern day, tough-love "Mary Poppins" is placed with families in need of guidance or care. She spends an extended period of time with a family, observing their issues and then, u...


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Episode 1
Minyon Family
Frank and Danielle Minyon are a young, beautiful couple. Frank works full-time as a medical software engineer and Danielle is a homemaker. They have two children, Frank, 7, and unruly Skyler, 3, who r...
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Episode 2
Webb Family
Arthur and Cathy Webb are a dual-career couple who are juggling the demands of work, children and, most of all, sleep. They have three children - Josef, 6, Paige, 5 -- who has Down Syndrome -- and Mad...
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Episode 3
McMillion Family
Cheryl McMillion is struggling to raise her three children on her own, while her husband, Jonathan, a National Guardsman, is serving his tour of duty in Afghanistan. However, while Dad is overseas, th...
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Episode 4
Larmer Family
Jo Frost visits Judy and Ed Larmer to address the destructive, out-of-control behavior of their four children -- John (4), twins Jessica (2 1/2) and Justin (2 1/2), and Joey (11 months). However, it i...
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Episode 5
Cooke Family (U.K. Family)
American viewers are treated to Jo Frost's trials with a British family, Paul and Denise Cooke and their daughters, Meghann (9), Gabriella (6) and Erin (4). The girls are bright and creative, but argu...
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Episode 6
Amaral Family
Michael and Lorraine Amaral own a restaurant and work seven days a week, leaving them no time for their three "rough and tumble" boys: Ryan, 9, Logan, 4, and Kade, 2. Mom's at her breaking point, tryi...
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Episode 7
Facente Family
Deirdre and Trae Facente don't know how to integrate their autistic son, Tristin, into their daily life with their twins, Kayla and Marlana (4). Tristin is completely non-verbal, caught up in his own ...
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Episode 8
Keilen Family
Tami and Shaun Keilen are living the American dream. This former Navy SEAL and his beautiful wife have a successful family business and four gorgeous children. However, this dream becomes a nightmare ...
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Episode 9
Bradbury-Lambert Family
Jo Frost returns to Britain to help kickboxing couple Stuart Lambert and Laura Bradbury with their three children: Matthew, 5, Tegan-Olivia, 2, and baby Diesel, 5 months. Matthew's aggressive outburst...
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Episode 10
Tsironis Family
When Elizabeth and Bob Tsironis' twin boys, Teddy and Nicholas, were born, they only weighed a pound each. They beat the odds to become healthy, strong, three-year-olds, but their parents are so grate...
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Episode 11
Carsley Family
Cheryl Carsley is a harried single mom with five children, including two sets of twin boys. She's in school full-time, training to be a teacher, but at home her kids -- Chantal, 7, Nicolas and Caleb, ...
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Episode 12
Schwartz Family
Cathy and Steve Schwartz both work full-time and Catherine's sister, Donna, who lives just a block away and raised Cathy after their mom's death, is the main caregiver for their four rambunctious Schw...
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Episode 13
Silva Family
The Silvas are a "Yours, Mine and Ours" family spiraling out of control. Tom and Danielle each have two children from previous marriages, and they have three children together -- the age range is six ...
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Episode 14
Young Family
Sherman and Joelle Young work opposite shifts at their jobs, with Dad watching the kids during the day while Mom works, and then handing them off to Mom before going to work at 4:30 p.m. They barely s...
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Episode 15
Harmony Family
Erin and Jacob Harmony are at their wits' end raising three boys -- Jake (11), Ian (5) and Grant (3). Big brother Jake is not the big problem, but his two little brothers are. Ian is the master of bac...
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Episode 16
Wujcik Family
Tim Wujcik and his wife, Toni, seem to have it all -- he's a great provider, Toni's the hard-working stay-at-home mom, and they have three beautiful children. But they need what money can't buy -- mut...
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Episode 17
Jackson Family
Lisa and Terry Jackson have five-year-old triplets, Will, Ethan and Isabella. Lisa, a stay-at-home mom, is outnumbered and burned out by her boisterous, ill-behaved children, especially her strong-wil...
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Episode 18
Newton Family
Vicki and Aaron Newton are separated, with joint custody of their two sons, Aaron (12) and Kobe (5). Though the boys are angels for Dad, young Kobe saves his worst behavior for Mom. He is violent and ...
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Episode 19
Uva Family
The Uva boys, Trevor (7) and Travis (4), disrespect authority figures, curse, insult and bully their classmates. They expect their parents to do everything for them -- in fact the seven-year-old insis...

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