Season 1

Season 1

Air Date: January 17, 2005
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Season 1
Jo Frost, a modern day, tough-love "Mary Poppins" is placed with families in need of guidance or care. She spends an extended period of time with a family, observing their issues and then, u...


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Episode 1
Jeans Family
David and Barbara Jeans waited 16 years into their marriage to have kids, and their three girls don't show any mercy on the middle-aged pair. Andra, who is 4 1/2 years old, dominates the family with h...
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Episode 2
Bullard Family
Bryce and Jen Bullard are a Colorado couple who are struggling to manage a busy plumbing business and raise two unruly children. The Bullard household is chaotic, with work phones ringing off the hook...
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Episode 3
Orm Family
Parents Shawn and Tammy Orm have lost control of their three sons. Eight-year-old Chandler talks back to his parents, six-year-old Caden has a nasty habit of beating up his younger brother, and three-...
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Episode 4
Wischmeyer Family
John and Melora Wischmeyer are a hard-working couple with three children. John works long hours as a civil engineer, and Melora took a marketing job where she could work at home to enjoy time with her...
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Episode 5
Weston Family
Insurance salesman Fred Weston and his wife, Andrea, a homemaker and schoolteacher, are a loving, hardworking family with a big problem - a ferocious four-year-old named Andrew. Little Andrew rules th...
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Episode 6
Bailey Family
Bill and Stacie Bailey have demanding jobs and an even more demanding family. Bill is a police officer, and Stacie teaches at the local elementary school. But when they return from long days on the jo...
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Episode 7
Gorbea Family
Robert and Evelina Gorbea have lost control of their family, and the power is in the hands of their two-year-old son, Adam. The toddler constantly latches onto his mother and explodes into ear-busting...
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Episode 8
Ririe Family
Scott and Jennifer Ririe have their hands full with their four children -- daughter Selia (9) and sons Hallden (7), Blake (3), and Broden(1). Scott and Jennifer have two completely different outlooks ...
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Episode 9
Collins Family (U.K. Family)
Jason and Karen Collins live in Northamptonshire, U.K. with their four unruly children who run the house by mob rule. Ten-year-old Ben, Lauren (nine), Joshua (six) and Joseph (four) keep their stay-at...
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Episode 10
Burnett Family
The Burnetts are in over their heads. With five kids, including Zachary (8) and two sets of twins -- Joseph and John (3) and Michael and Molly (16 months) -- this is a family consumed by chaos. A self...
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Episode 11
Christiansen Family
Homemaker Colleen Christiansen and her husband Chris, who works in insurance sales, have boys gone wild. Seven-year-old Corey and three-year-old Chase challenge their parents regularly with behavior t...

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