Season 2

Season 2

Air Date: January 25, 2024
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Season 2
Sago Mini Friends
Welcome to Sagoville, where Harvey loves to play and discover ways to have silly fun! He and his closest friends explore, imagine, and express true thankfulness for all things, big and small...


Episode 1
Turkey Tea Party
Robin hosts a one-of-a-kind celebration.
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Episode 2
Jinja’s Mystery Package
Harvey leaps into action to save Jinja’s surprise from being spoiled.
Episode 3
All Aboard
An underground train sparks excitement across Sagoville.
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Episode 4
Snow Delivery
Rosie and friends help Harvey with a gift for Grandpa Jasper.
Episode 5
A New Boo Boo
Harvey fills in for everyone’s favorite prankster.
Episode 6
Harvey Rocks
After adopting a houseful of pet rocks, Harvey realizes they may be more than he can handle.
Episode 7
Hugbot puzzles everyone with a change in personality.
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Episode 8
Hotdogging Around
Harvey and Juggo team up to move a giant hot-dog sign.
Episode 9
Prize Bowtie
Jack sets his sights on winning a unique prize at the carnival.
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Episode 10
Bread Is Sleeping
While Robin’s loaf of bread naps, the friends learn new ways to play quietly.
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Episode 11
Harvey’s Tattle Tail
Jinja helps Harvey stop his tail from wagging during hide-and-seek.
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Episode 12
Missing Mustache
Alan loses his mustache and leans on a cuddly caterpillar for answers.

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