Season 1

Season 1

Air Date: October 12, 2004
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Season 1
Manhunt: The Search for America's Most Gorgeous Male Model
A reality television series following a formula similar to UPN/The CW's America's Next Top Model, but with two differences. One, all the contestants are male, and two, there is a spy among t...


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Episode 1
The Hunt Begins
The top 20 finalists head to an airstrip where 4 of the guys are immediately eliminated by male supermodel and judge, Bruce Hulse. The remaining men strip down to their tidy whities so they can go sky...
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Episode 2
A Secret Revealed
The models head up to the hotel's rooftop for a 4am photo shoot with model Marisa Miller. At elimination, Carmen brings the men into the boardroom to meet with the judges: Bruce Hulse, Marisa Miller, ...
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Episode 3
(Gender) Bent But Not Broken
The remaining 12 models try to become spokesmodels in a Japanese commercial where the crew only speaks Japanese. Later, the guys all get pampering complete with massages and waxes. This week, the guy...
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Episode 4
Model, Sell Thyself
The models go into a meeting one by one with fake ad execs, who attempt to make the boys feel as bad as possible. When it's revealed the trick, the ad execs order the boys from best to least on who so...
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Episode 5
Smile! You're on Manhunt Camera
The boys visit the set of Access Hollywood where anchor Shaun Robinson gives each boy a short interview. Later, Carmen has the boys take part in a volleyball contest where the winning team gets to dri...
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Episode 6
Walkin' The Walk
The boys are all pysched when they arrive in Puerto Rico. There, they meet with photographer Art Minds where he shoots their photographs to put on the front of a calendar. Afterwards, the guys all str...
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Episode 7
Soap Stars and Spider Sense
The remaining men are still in Puerto Rico where they are to shoot a commercial for ""Manhunt Soap"" with each guy doing a specific role from a zoopkeeper to Hunter. Later, they are taken into the ra...
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Episode 8
And America's Most Gorgeous Male Model Is...
The remaining 3 guys are reunited with the 7 previously eliminated guys, reuniting the Top 10. At the reunion, Kevin Peake finally reveals his true identity - as a mole and spy. The guys are shocked, ...

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