Season 2

Season 2

Air Date: September 16, 2005
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Season 2
Living with Fran
Living With Fran is an American sitcom that debuted on The WB in April 2005 that starred Fran Drescher. The show last aired on March 24, 2006.


Episode 1
A Year of Living with Fran
Unlike Fran, who still can't admit she needs glasses, Riley remembered it's the first anniversary of his moving in with the Reeves family. So she decides to cook lobster Tetrazzini and he serves it ba...
Episode 2
Going to the Bar Mitzvah with Fran
After Fran embarrassed Josh by telling his former schoolmate Barry Regal, now in Wall Street, the med school drop-out is the video store's assistant-manager, everybody goes to the bar mitzvah of a cer...
Episode 3
Sweet Sixteen Again with Fran
Although Allison screamed she didn't want any fuzz for her 'sweet sixteenth' birthday, both parents decide to give her a memorable one. Fran comes trough: when she spots 'Queer Eye for the Straight Gu...
Episode 4
Learning with Fran
When Fran tells Ryan she is has no clue about all financial aspects of her interior decorating business, he suggests she should consider taking a business class, like Josh. To both boys' horror she ta...
Episode 5
Ahead of the Plan with Fran
When Fran and Riley find 'adult' son Josh has brought a girl, Taylor Urbanski, over in his bedroom, ever scantier dressed, that's okay, but when teenager daughter Alison is seen kissing her slick boyf...
Episode 6
Going Crazy With Fran
Riley's mother Donna called five times before his naive kid sister Jenny arrives, and she sure is a pot-plant, still engaged to Jeremy, her first boy-friend ever since Kindergarten. Josh and Allison m...
Episode 7
Coupling With Fran
Riley and Fran realize they don't have many common friends because of their generation gap, but find her friend Becca and his Danny ideal for a double date on their anniversary. When the girls overhea...
Episode 8
Healing With Fran
Fran insists till Riley allows reporter Catherine Johnson to write a piece on them as a couple, supposedly as publicity for their businesses, in the local newspaper 'Long Island Life'. Just then Fran'...
Episode 9
The Whole Clan with Fran
Fran's parents Hal and Cookie, full-blood Jews who retired to Miami, are visiting her. Riley get to feel barely subtly that he is considered beneath their daughter, as if he were a spineless German sp...
Episode 10
Masquerading With Fran
It's Halloween, so Josh is eager to get Riley and Fran out of the house, so he can entertain his present girlfriend Tina. It goes great, till the police drops off devilish sister Allison, only because...
Episode 11
Going To Bed With Fran
Fran flirts with Riley's boss to get a job.
Episode 12
Dreaming with Fran
When a waitress flirts with Riley at Fran's birthday dinner, adding she can see where Josh got his good looks, Fran is down and gets nightmares about all the Reeves family being ancient, fat and ugly,...
Episode 13
Reuniting with Fran
Now Fran has dumped her true love Riley and thrown him out 'for his own good', both of them are miserable enough to become impossible to live with, Fran is filling the Reeves house with TV-sale applia...

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