Season 1

Season 1

Air Date: April 8, 2005
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Season 1
Living with Fran
Living With Fran is an American sitcom that debuted on The WB in April 2005 that starred Fran Drescher. The show last aired on March 24, 2006.


Episode 1
The Pilot
After having a nervous breakdown, 25-year-old Josh Reeves gets booted from medical school. So he decides to go back home. So when he arrives, Josh discovers his mother Fran Reeves has gotten over her ...
Episode 2
Riley's Parents
Fran invites Riley's parents over for dinner. Donna and Tom (Riley's mom & dad) are shocked when they meet Fran. Apparently, Riley has never mentioned that Fran is older, divorced, and with two ch...
Episode 3
The Ex Factor
When Fran is planning a family vacation her ex-husband Ted pays the family a visit. Ted comes beacuse he is trying to buy is family back by, trying to mend his relationship with Josh, buying Allison g...
Episode 4
The Reunion
Fran's worries about impressing Riley's high school friends at Riley's high school reunion, but at the high school reunion Fran is being worshiped by Riley's friends' wives. Riley is also high-fived,...
Episode 5
Oh, Baby
Fran wants Riley to feel like part of the family, so she decides to start their own family album and is taken aback when Riley mentions adding pictures of their kids one day. Also Josh is comforted wh...
Episode 6
Who's the Parent?
Allison's new boyfriend Kurt makes alarm bells to go off for both Josh and Riley. So that causes Fran to re-think her trust in Allison's ability to make smart choices when it comes to dating.
Episode 7
Carriage Ride
Disapproving of Riley's plans for their first Valentine's Day together, Fran makes a few changes with out consulting Riley, making him feel that Fran controls the relationship. Also Fran does not know...
Episode 8
The Concert
Josh's latest girl-friend Gina's phone number became partially illegible after Fran washed his trousers complete with his wallet, but he tries every possibility till he finds the girl, and dates for a...
Episode 9
Josh Works for Riley
After 'family night' charades were a walkover for the girls, Fran is eager to find something Riley and Josh can do - in order to grow closer together, so when he has a construction vacancy, she decide...
Episode 10
Riley's Ex
Josh has a date with an ex of Riley.
Episode 11
Episode 12
Girl Talk
Episode 13
School Ties
Ryan built a shoe-carousel for his six months anniversary with Fran, so what can she give him? She goes for strip- classes, from obviously queer dance instructor Allan. Josh expects a surprise for his...

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