Season 2

Season 2

Air Date: January 1, 2006
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Season 2
People whose uncontrollable addiction to drugs, alcohol or compulsive behavior has brought them to the brink of destruction and has devastated their family and friends are presented with a l...


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Episode 1
Corrine is a dynamic 18 year old student who recently dropped out of college. An academic and athlete, Corrine started using drugs after a sexual abuse incident more than 4 years ago. However, the pro...
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Episode 2
Howard & Aubrey
Howard is a professional driving instructor to those that need additional skills and training, such as police officiers. But, Howard has a problem. When he's not driving, he's drinking. Now, Howard's ...
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Episode 3
Adam & Michael
Adam will do anything to get heroin. He regularly engages in stealing, begging, and harassing to the shock of his family. His family is hoping that an intervention will change his deviant ways. Michae...
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Episode 4
Heidi & Michelle
Heidi is not your typical addict. Instead of drugs or alcohol, Heidi has an obsession with plastic surgery and is a compulsive shopper. Heidi's difficult past continues to haunt her through the interv...
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Episode 5
Salina & Troy
Salina has had problems for the past eleven years. She has been battling severe bulimia and a shopping addiction. Lately, she has been trying out a new addiction, self-mutiliation which prompts her fa...
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Episode 6
Kristen lost her grandfather, and her parents divorced in the same year. No one ever explained what loss was to her, and that year was the year everything changed. She went from a good student and dau...
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Episode 7
Follow Up: Briooks, Aubrey & Christine
This follow-up episode showed life after the intervention for Brooks, Audrey and Cristine. Cristine's life used to be all about alcohol. She would drink at breakfast, on the train to work, and all day...
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Episode 8
Antwahn & Billy
Antwahn and Billy are two men who are about to fall off the edge. Antwahn played basketball professionally for Los Angeles Clippers and in Europe for over a decade, but then a knee injury cut his care...
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Episode 9
Annie & Amy
Annie is both anorexic and bulimic. She is engaged to a man, Kevin, who desperately wants an Intervention for her before her eating disorders kill her. Amy turned to drugs after she was sexually moles...
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Episode 10
Chuckie is 28, the son of a famous musician and was born in the 70s, the decade of rock 'n' roll. He was surrounded by musicians all his life and grew up as a priveleged kid. He aspired to be an athle...
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Episode 11
Gina & Andrea
Gina is the fun-loving girl who thirsts for life and is ambitious, but who struggles with an addiction to drugs. Andrea is a 30 year old promising single mother who is addicted to the party scene. She...
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Episode 12
John is a man who is highly addicted to crack and alcohol. He turned to drugs at 13 when he lost his mother. His family is now staging in Intervention to try and save him.
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Episode 13
Follow Up: Antwahn & Rachel
Remember Antwahn and Rachel? See how they're doing on this follow up episode.
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Episode 14
Tammi & Daniel
Tammi is a 45 year old woman hooked on alcohol despite her middle class upbringing. Her family paid for everything from golf lessons to tennis lessons. Daniel is a man who got addicted to meth after t...
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Episode 15
Mike & James
Mike's past of being a high achiever left him behind when he began speed balling, mixing herion with cocaine. He's lost everything and an intervention is his only option to potentially put his life ba...
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Episode 16
Tim has a major problem...crack. Before the drugs, he was headed on the right path. He was a successful producer and musician with a bright future. He let crack run his life and he almost lost everyth...
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Episode 17
Betsy went through a devastating time when her marriage fell apart. She began drinking heavily to help the pain. Her family is trying to help her with no results. They finally give her an ultimatum. S...
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Episode 18
Cristy had a bright career in front of her as a clothing designer until she got hooked on crystal meth and alcohol at age 13. She gets her money for drugs by stripping in a local bar. Her family has b...
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Episode 19
Once a socialite, high school cheerleader, regular actress on All My Children and The Doctors, and was a once very successful interior decorator. Now Sylvia, working as a retailer, has been an alcohol...
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Episode 20
Laurie & Jessie
Jessie, a 21 year old college student studying medicine and hopes of working in medical field, has been bulimic for 3 years. She eats everything and anything she can get, and purges up to 3 times a da...
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Episode 21
Lauren seemed to be on exactly the right track in life. In high school she was a cheerleader, a dancer, a swimmer and a fabulous student. After graduating college, she became a high school health and ...

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