Season 1

Season 1

Air Date: March 14, 2007
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Season 1
Halfway Home
Halfway Home is an American comedy series that aired on Comedy Central in Spring 2007. On its official website, Halfway Home is described as an "improvised half-hour show featuring the dail...


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Episode 1
Halfway Narc
Kenny impels the residents to take a drug test when Alan smells something suspicious in the middle of the night. By martyring himself C-Bass tries to exact revenge on Alan.
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Episode 2
Halfway Impotent
In pogo-sticking, Carly proceeds for a world record. In the meantime C-Bass has suspicions that the Bureau of Prisons is liable for his erectile dysfunction.
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Episode 3
Halfway Hot
The residents fight Kenny for admittance to air-conditioning when a heat wave hits. In the meantime Carly gets a impractical crush on Eulogio.
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Episode 4
Halfway Parent's Day
In one day the housemates scramble to compensate for years of dysfunction when Kenny asks over the residents parents to the house for some family bonding.
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Episode 5
Halfway Camping
Kenny leaves his roommates during a camping trip into the wilderness as a self-reliance exercise. The others quickly panic about his missing presence and turn on each other.
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Episode 6
Halfway New Guy
At a open-mike night Kenny's musical aspirations are foiled. In the meantime the roommates recede on prison rules to haze a new roommate.
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Episode 7
Halfway Scared
In an ear-candling fortuity Alan burns Carly's hair. The roommates are called upon to scare straight a big-sized juvenile delinquent.
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Episode 8
Halfway High School
Carly finds out that her chronic marijuana use has wreaked mayhem on her ability to learn when Kenny convinces the roommates to take the GED.
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Episode 9
Halfway Working
Minimum wage jobs prove more difficult than foreseen, when Kenny impels the roommates to find employment at a shopping mall. In the meantime the Crenshaw house is infested with rats.
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Episode 10
Halfway Innocent
While Eulogio encounters one of his past customers, who hasn't gotten past their sexual confrontation. To clear her husband, Alan's wife employs a high-powered attorney.

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