Air Date: February 25, 2011
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Gold Rush
Follow the lives of ambitious miners as they head north in pursuit of gold. With new miners, new claims, new machines and new ways to pull gold out of the ground, the stakes are higher than ...


Episode 1
Full Disclosure
The Hoffman crew spent five months and over quarter of a million dollars in a desperate attempt to find gold in Alaska. With previously un-aired material, this special reveals what went wrong and how ...
Episode 2
The Off-Season
Facing financial ruin and an end to their dream of striking it rich, Todd and Jack refuse to give up. They make the decision during the off-season to go deeper into debt, acquiring better equipment an...
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Episode 3
Aftershow - Episode 1
Gold Rush's Executive Producer, Christo Doyle, grills Dakota Fred and the whole Hoffman Crew to dig deeper into what really happened at Porcupine Creek. But Todd turns the tables on Christo with a que...
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Episode 4
Aftershow - Fred Special
Dakota Fred sits down with Executive Producer Christo Doyle to reveal more about the story behind his controversial purchase of the Porcupine Creek Claim.
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Episode 5
Aftershow - Episode 2
The Hoffman crew reveals to Executive Producer, Christo Doyle, just how unprepared they were to pick up stakes and head north to start working on a new, unfamiliar claim in the Klondike.
Episode 6
Behind the Scenes
This Gold Rush special reveals never before seen footage from behind the scenes of the struggle to bring the gold mining action to the screen. Four film crews, spread over 600 miles, battle the wilder...
Episode 7
After the Rush
This special lifts the curtain on Gold Rush and goes inside the lives of the men seeking gold and treasure in Alaska and the Klondike. All new interviews and never before seen footage present insights...
Episode 8
In never before seen footage, the miners unearth the sometimes ugly truth about their 2011 mining seasons. In a shocking development, one miner is kicked out of the Hoffman crew. The miners also discl...
Episode 9
Aftershow: Digging Deeper
Gold Rush executive producer Christo Doyle asks the tough questions and gets the real dirt on the miners. Personal revelations, bets and challenges all play out in this revealing special.
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Episode 10
Aftershow - Episode 3
Jack and Todd Hoffman look back at the angry split that came when Todd loses his cool and Jack walks out. But as Todd reveals, this seemingly minor conflict opens the door on something than runs deep ...
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Episode 11
Aftershow - Episode 4
Dave Turin and Greg Remsburg revisit the tough challenge of breaking through and removing the permafrost layer at Quartz Creek. Plus, Todd gives his take on things, including a reflection on the liber...
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Episode 12
Aftershow - Episode 5
After a near mutiny within the ranks, the Hoffman Crew learns some valuable lessons from a colorful cast of locals in the Klondike. "Gold Mining For Dummies" is one way of putting it.
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Episode 13
Aftershow - Episode 6
Young gold miner, Parker Schnabel, recounts both the benefits and challenges of working with kin when he took on the search for virgin ground in Smith Creek. He also reflects on his precious bond with...
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Episode 14
Aftershow - Episode 7
Host Christo Doyle grills the Hoffmans and their crew about their never-ending challenges with the used equipment they end up with, especially the persistent problems with the wash plant.
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Episode 15
Aftershow - Episode 8
Dakota Fred and Parker tell more about the big "Marathon Week" of mining at Porcupine Creek. Plus, Fred finally reveals the true story behind his endearing nickname.
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Episode 16
Aftershow - Episode 9
Parker's mother, Nancy, joins her son and Producer Christo Doyle to tell her side of the story behind the family confrontation at Big Nugget Mine.
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Episode 17
Aftershow - Episode 10
Dakota Fred shares the inside story of his outrage over the mine inspection shutdown, thoughts about working with his son and, most importantly, how his wife Lorraine wholeheartedly supported him afte...
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Episode 18
Aftershow - Episode 11
Parker Schnabel sits down with Producer Christo Doyle to take a look back at the young miner's first season as the boss of Big Nugget.
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Episode 19
Aftershow - Episode 12
Host Christo Doyle grills the guys to find out how the D8 dozer breakdown, and Greg's subsequent departure, affected the crew. Plus, Parker reveals how his visit to the Klondike opens intriguing new p...
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Episode 20
Aftershow - Episode 13
Parker Schnabel and his mother, Nancy, gives us a unique look at the life of 91-year-old Grandpa John Schnabel, including the family's recent scare with his heart health.
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Episode 21
Aftershow - Episode 14
The Hoffman team takes a behind-the-scenes look at the challenges of mining at night as well as humorous details of what the miners ate and how it affected their weight.
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Episode 22
Aftershow - Episode 15
Christo Doyle digs down to find out if Parker will admit his mistake in running out of gas and the Hoffman crew reflects on the pride and relief that came with getting in the black.
Episode 23
Aftershow - Episode 16
To go even deeper into the Gold Rush story, we get the miners to answer some of the favorite questions sent in by our fans.
Episode 24
Aftershow: The Last Word
The Gold Rush miners sit down with Discovery's executive producer and reveal the juicy stuff that unfolded when the cameras weren't rolling. And, for the first time on tv, they answer questions direct...
Episode 25
The Jungle
Todd & The Crew receive a tip about a claim in Guyana, South America, causing Todd to question whether he should even return to the Klondike after the big freeze last October
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Episode 26
The Jungle Aftershow
Todd Hoffman and crew braved the hostile jungle of Guyana in a search for gold-rich ground to mine year-round. In the Aftershow, executive producer Christo Doyle puts the cast and crew on the hot seat...
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Episode 27
The Long Road
Relive the most heart pounding and heart breaking moments of Gold Rush as the Hoffman crew and their rivals Parker Schnabel and 'Dakota’ Fred fight Mother Nature, mining machines and each other to get...
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Episode 28
Do or Die
The miners recall memorable moments from the series.
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Episode 29
Claim Visit
Christo Doyle and the Gold Rush crew provide access into the miners' worlds in this behind the scenes series. Exclusive interviews, insight into previous episodes and a sneak peek look at what's next ...
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Episode 30
Miners Cribs
Executive Producer Christo Doyle and the miners take us behind the scenes of Gold Rush with a never-before-seen look into camp life, recaps of the previous two episodes and interview outtakes.

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