Season 1

Season 1

Air Date: December 23, 2023
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Season 1
Extended Family
Jim and Julia are happily divorced, co-raising their kids while staying best friends and close confidants. But the situation gets hilariously more complicated when the owner of Jim's favorit...


Episode 1
Jim, a recently divorced dad, has a mishap with his daughter's beloved pet goldfish and must begrudgingly seek the help of his ex-wife and her new boyfriend, deepening the bonds of their still-shaping...
Episode 2
The Consequences of Making Yourself at Home
When Trey spends his first night at the Nest, he discovers evidence that Jim and Julia once had a more adventurous relationship than he imagined, and he must erase it.
Episode 3
The Consequences of Gaming
Julia's concern over Jimmy's obsession with a violent video game leads to surprising disciplinary measures.
Episode 4
The Consequences of Sushi
For Grace's birthday, Trey gets a reservation at the best sushi restaurant in Boston, upending the annual family tradition of dinner at a red sauce joint and inadvertently hurting Jim's feelings.
Episode 5
The Consequences of Matchmaking
Julia, craving more personal time with fiancé Trey and hoping to create more space for their burgeoning relationship, takes it upon herself to find a new girlfriend for Jim.
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Episode 6
The Consequences of Status
When Trey's high profile gets him out of a speeding ticket, Julia and Jim worry about the message it sends to their children, causing Trey to try to get another ticket on purpose.

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