Season 4

Season 4

Air Date: January 30, 1982
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Season 4
Dick Turpin
Richard O'Sullivan stars as Dick Turpin in this action-filled adventure series chronicling the exploits of England's most celebrated highwayman.


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Episode 1
Sentence of Death (1)
The King's cousin is the only one to escape an attack by cruel highwayman Barnaby Husk. Fleeing into woods, he stumbles upon Isaac Rag, who leads him to 'the Fox'.
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Episode 2
Sentence of Death (2)
Barnaby Husk seems struck by plague and is considered mortally ill. He takes Maggot Poll by surprise and escapes from 'the Fox', with Rupert as hostage.
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Episode 3
The Godmother
Sir John Glutton has a visit from his Godmother, the Duchess of Durham. To be her heir Sir John must convince her that he is married - despite being a stubborn bachelor.
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Episode 4
The Secret Folk
Captain Spiker hunts Turpin and Swiftnick into a forest, where they encounter the secret Romany folk.
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Episode 5
The King's Shilling
Captain Willard recruits two youths to the King's Army by tricking them to receive a shilling each in a betting game. Swiftnick liberates them, and Willard wants revenge.
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Episode 6
The Hanging
Turpin and Swiftnick try to help a mysterious farmer's wife after saving her from a gang of footpads - but they are led into a trap by Nathan Spiker.

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