Season 1

Season 1

Air Date: January 6, 1979
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Season 1
Dick Turpin
Richard O'Sullivan stars as Dick Turpin in this action-filled adventure series chronicling the exploits of England's most celebrated highwayman.


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Episode 1
When an innkeeper is evicted by greedy landowner Sir John Glutton, and her impetuous son is branded an outlaw by the authorities, they seek help from Dick Turpin, who has an old score to settle with S...
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Episode 2
The Capture
While Turpin assesses Swiftnick's suitability as a highwayman, Sir John Glutton and Spiker plot to capture Turpin using the bogus Lady Kinnerton as a decoy.
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Episode 3
The Champion
Turpin enlists the help of famous prize fighter Tom Bracewell after learning that villagers at Mudbury are being terrorised by Nightingale and his bully, Hogg.
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Episode 4
The Poacher
When Turpin and Swiftnick discover a poacher in their 'manor' they suspect Vizard is the culprit, but Sir John Glutton's nephew provides the answer.
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Episode 5
The Pursuit
Turpin and Swiftnick are robbed by a mysterious highwayman; a chase leads them to Mrs. Bedingfield and her two beautiful daughters, Belinda and Abigail...
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Episode 6
The Blacksmith
When Turpin's friend Sam Morgan is thrown into jail by Spiker, Turpin and Swiftnick capture Sir John Glutton, hoping to exchange him for Morgan.
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Episode 7
The Imposter
Sir John, worried by Turpin's growing popularity, decides to employ an imposter to pose as Turpin. His first victim is to be Amos Varley, Swiftnick's uncle.
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Episode 8
The Upright Man
Ben Hawk is ambushed by the militia and hanged. Setting out to help his widow, Sal, Turpin discovers that she has been accused of betraying her husband.
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Episode 9
The Whipping Boy
After the Duke of Hertford is robbed by Turpin and Swiftnick, he employs notorious thief-taker Colonel Tobias Moat to hunt them down.
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Episode 10
The Hero
Sir John arranges for Spiker to marry the lovely Phyllida Tranter. But Nigel Ffoulkes-Withers is also smitten, and plans to disrupt the ceremony by pretending to be Turpin!
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Episode 11
The Turncoat
Sir John Glutton is forced to seek Turpin's help when a letter implicating him in a Jacobite plot is intercepted.
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Episode 12
The Hostages
Swiftnick learns that Sir John is holding two children hostage at Rookham Hall, and sets out to free them - without Turpin's help.
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Episode 13
Swiftnick acts in an impetuous manner, resulting in the capture of both himself and Dick Turpin.

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