Season 1

Season 1

Air Date: September 9, 2012
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Season 1
Breaking Amish
Temptations abound as a group of young Amish explore life beyond their Amish culture. Ultimately, they will make the biggest decision of their lives – to remain Amish/Mennonite or become Eng...


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Episode 1
Jumping the Fence
The premiere of a reality series following five men and women from Amish and Mennonite communities as they seek the possibility of leaving their old lives behind for new ones in New York City, though ...
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Episode 2
What Have We Gotten Ourselves Into?
Romance may be in the offing as the newcomers adjust to life in New York City, but their fresh start also comes with an air of tension.
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Episode 3
Black Sheep
An unexpected visitor enters the house demanding to see Lizzie; another late comer joins the group.
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Episode 4
Trading traditional Amish clothes for a modern English makeover; Betsy's behavior grows more suspicious.
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Episode 5
What Is Really Happening
The cast disagrees about the good and bad of being Amish; Sabrina wants to connect to the Puerto Rican culture; Kate's DUI past starts to catch up to her.
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Episode 6
Good vs Evil
Kate, Sabrina, Abe and Rebecca visit the Sex Museum; Kate is in a bikini for her first photo shoot; Abe wants to take it to the next level with Rebecca; allegations of witchcraft.
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Episode 7
Final Days
Kate is cast out of the group; Jeremiah and Sabrina have something to hide; Abe finds out that Rebecca is not being honest; Sabrina finds her biological father; the group begins to pack for home and m...
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Episode 8
Decision Time
The group makes their way home to make one of the biggest decisions of their lives; they must commit to being Amish/Mennonite or English; they face their family and friends with the possibility of bei...
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Episode 9
Party Time
Sabrina uncovers letters from her birth mother; Kate gets a reality check; Abe and Rebecca struggle to plan their wedding; Jeremiah and Sabrina plan a bachelor and bachelorette party in Atlantic City.
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Episode 10
The pre-wedding party ends with tempers boiling over; a shocking secret is revealed; Abe and Rebecca realize how difficult it is to plan a wedding on their own; Jeremiah confronts Sabrina about the fu...
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Episode 11
The Shunning Truth Part 1
NBC's Michelle Beadle interviews Abe, Rebecca, Kate, Jeremiah and Sabrina who confront one another about their time together in New York and set the records straight on accusations and allegations tha...
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Episode 12
The Shunning Truth Part 2
During a reunion special, the cast addresses the rumors and allegations that have surfaced.

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