Season 1

Season 1

Air Date: October 13, 2023
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Season 1
After-school Hanako-kun
The spirit Hanako-kun and his human assistant, first-year student Nene Yashiro, keep the peace between supernatural forces and the students of Kamome Academy. When they’re not fighting to ma...


Episode 1
Hanako-kun After School / Mokke Be Ambitious
Nene is fed up with cleaning bathrooms, but there's no getting out of her ghostly bargain, so she seeks advice to make her chores fun. Later, the mokke attack Hanako, hoping to take his place as a Won...
Episode 2
Kokkuri-san / Mitsuba's Operation: Friends
Akane gathers Nene and her friends for the ultimate fortune-telling session, hoping to impress Aoi. What will his desperation conjure? Meanwhile, Mitsuba longs to make friends. But when Tsukasa offers...
Episode 3
Apparition Fever / A Mokke Came Home With Me!
Even apparitions can get sick, and there's a cold going around. Hanako is laid up with a fever, but he seems... delighted? Then, the youngest Minamoto finds a battered mokke on the street. How will he...
Episode 4
Truth of the Mokke / Kamome Monster Nursery School
Nene turns into a mokke! Descending into the bowels of the school in search of a cure, she discovers a world-shaking truth. Then, a secret agent infiltrates a nursery supposed to be raising monsters. ...

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