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Ana Torroja

Known for Acting
Date of Birth
December 28, 1959
64 Years Old
Born In
Madrid, Spain


Ana Torroja Fungairino was born in 1959, in Spain. The eldest of six children, since small played to sing in front of a mirror with a guitar, and also around the piano that his father played, but never took it as something serious. When I was around 15 years, meet Jos Maria Cano at a party, and from there, at the meetings did choirs to Jos, and together interpreted themes that l was composed. This beloved duo was joined with Nacho Cano and Ana became the lead vocalist of the trio Mecano, in 1981. This trio is characterized by its excellent compositions and the dazzling voice of Ana Torroja, who almost always played male roles in their songs with the group. This group presents in his discography nine amazing materials: “Mecano” 1982; “Where this fairy country?” in 1983; “Now comes the Sun” in 1984; “Mecano En Concierto” in 1985; “Between the sky and the ground” in 1986; “Descanso Dominical” in 1988; “Aidali” in 1991; “Ana |” Jos | Nacho”in 1998 and” Mecano discography “in 2005. On the radio, the first success that was heard was “Today I can not lift” and so were going on success after success, among which stand out: “Child of the Moon”, “I Me cuesta tanto olvidarte”, “Ay, heavy qu”, “The force of destiny” and “Seven September”, among others. In 1990, Ana worked on two topics of the group “Dr. Livingstone”, doing the backing vocals. After two years, he was on the tour Aidalai 91-92, the cause of serious problems in the voice of Ana, and this was how Mecano decided to separate with the promise of returning to the stage in 1994. In 1997, Ana collaborates singing on the theme “Half moon”, on a disk “Comparsa” of Deep Forest. Not to obtain news of Mecano, Ana decides to launch his solo career. And in 1997, also introduced its first material called “Cardinal points”, which broke singles artist as: “A contratiempo”, “From” and “like dream of the sirens”. That he managed to exploit its registry to try something in dance-funky and soak tensions with a nice cartoon in format of tongue twisters, goes on sale another CD with 4 versions remix of the song “as a dream of the sirens”. In the most unexpected time, note the suspension of this last work, because of the fleeting return of Mecano in 1998, and this was how the disk was launched to the market “Ana |” Jos | Nacho”. In 1999, “Pasajes De Un Sueno” was released, transmitting a latino and cosmopolitan character of Ana, with Cuban, Madrid, Basque and English composers. Almost at the same time, they released their second album Solo, “Now you don’t”. In 2002, Ana embarks on a tour with Miguel Bos entitled “Turned”, by all Spain, United States and part of Am rica Latina, which lasted a year and a half. In this same year, he took out his first album completely dedicated to the public in French-speaking, “Ana Torroja”, which follows “Month Prieres”. In 2003, appearing in the musical market “Fragile”, is an album by the hand of Eric Mouquet, which presented its most genuine pop proposal. In addition, to complete his collaborations and works of goods, Ana seduced with her voice in the duets performed with Armando Manzanero and singer/songwriter Aleks Syntek on their 2004 album.
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