Masquerading With Fran

Masquerading With Fran

Air Date: February 17, 2006
Runtime: 30 min
It's Halloween, so Josh is eager to get Riley and Fran out of the house, so he can entertain his present girlfriend Tina. It goes great, till the police drops off devilish sister Allison, only because all cells are full, for driving to a party -she told Fran that Todd drove- without ever having had a license. Meanwhile Riley learns to his light shock Fran has brought him to a costume party -he makes a very cute Indiana Jones- without invitation, as earlier to a funeral, so she can hunt for interior decoration customers. Alas one of the guests, bar-girl Beth, throws champagne in Riley's face, so Fran, who throws drama scenes as if he were Bluebeard, tails him, learns he lived nearly two years with Beth and stood her up at the altar... Josh decides to put Allison on the worst slave duties he can think up till she rather tells ma herself.
Masquerading With Fran
Episode 10:
Season 2
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