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xXtra Butta was birthed from a pure LOVE of movies and series. There’s nothing like being able to take your mind into different universes of imagination. 

So here we are…

A new Culture of Critics with a fresh view of what we are experiencing and what we want to see. A place where even the lesser-known Movies, Directors, Actors, etc can share the same light as the Top Players. 

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Login or Join to get started. Our site is dedicated to helping you find and rate the best films. We provide a cast and crew database, film ratings and reviews, and lists of upcoming films to help you make the most informed choices about what to watch. We also have a passionate community of film lovers who are always eager to discuss new releases and old classics.

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You probably have a Watchlist in every Streaming App you use. Now you have a better way to keep all of it in one place! Track your top picks somewhere you can easily access them later on, keep tabs on ratings and reviews online, and stay organized.​

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It's never been easier to join the movie and series critique brigade. Be a fresh new film buff, ready to rate and review the latest releases. Whether you loved or loathed it, your precious critiques will be absorbed among all of those other nuggets of wisdom - or nonsense - in the vastness of xXtra Butta!​

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Are you passionate about movies and series? Have you ever wanted to connect with like-minded people in order to discuss them and discover new films? Well, now you can! Join the group of passionate film lovers where we share our excitement for the silver screen and pick apart every good - and bad - movie that comes out.​

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You can find out everything you need to know about the latest and greatest flicks as well as underrated gems that have been around for years. Plus, if you've ever wondered who made some of your favorite movies and series possible, here you can discover exactly which Actors, Writers, Directors, and Production Companies created those moments in time.​

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